Authentic Profiles

I’ve worked with Sarah many times before in various workplaces but this time our focus was on profile images for her own consultancy – Even Keel Leadership.

We wanted a collection that captured her genuine care for clients, good humour, and dedicated approach and knowledge.

Generally in a 30 minute session, in one location, there is time to have a couple of simple outfit changes, poses and expressions and we managed to capture a good range of images for use in the coming years.

Sarah said after the session : “There was laughter, some dance moves, some serious instructions, some advice, quick outfit change, someone nearly wetting themselves with laughter and some pretty great shots for future use.”

Ok – it may have been me nearly wetting myself after she launched into some serious ‘grapevine-ing’ when I asked her to do a small movement on the spot – but you have to have humour in this game, and it helps in order to bring out genuine smiles and authentic expressions.

Here’s a small sample of her new images….   I’m so happy with what we achieved!

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