Ekhidna Gathering

A celebratory lunch with family who have been apart for a few years, was a perfect reason to book me to capture some family photos!

This glorious spot is Ekhidna Wines in McLaren Vale, and I’d been there before for a wedding, so I knew if it was a sunny day, we’d find some lovely shade near their gorgeous reflective windows. I just love how it captures the green of the vineyards without being glarey for the subjects. And the colours and patterns in their clothing choices just looked fabulous! When my contact in the family saw the photos she said “You do such a good job at making everyone comfortable and comfortable in their skin. It’s your super power!” And I’ll remember those words when I need a reminder of one of the reasons I’m in this job… to make people feel as relaxed in front of the camera as possible.

Enjoy these happy family photos from Ekhidna Wines!

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