Fresh Profile Pics

Rachel was in need of some new profile photos that captured who she was in 2021! Her previous image was from an event I photographed perhaps 4 or 5 years ago and she wanted an update.

Her fresh green jacket was a perfect choice in amongst the black and white, and green plants at her workplace at Lot 14 and while we worked through a range of ‘moods’ it was generally her smiley ones that we both favoured. I wanted her to look confident and strong and also capture her super bright energy, which I think we got! Digital is great for being able to check along the way and consult as we worked, helping us to refine our approach.

Here’s what she said after she received her photos: “Thanks to the lovely Cath at Catherine Leo Photography for the updated profile shots this week. Was in desperate need for an update across the business and socials! Highly recommend. Cath will make you feel super comfortable and provide an excellent outcome. Individual, group, staff and family sessions are her specialty.”

Here’s a sample from the shoot!

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