Group Profiles

As well as offering profile photography sessions for individuals (usually 30 – 60 mins long depending on the amount of images requested) I also do group profile shoots when only a fairly standard head shot is required. It can work out very cost effective and with a good, outdoor location undercover, and some efficient scheduling, you can get some great images in a very short amount of time.

I recently worked with 35 staff members from the University of South Australia. I was based in the one location in the Plaza on the City East campus, with individuals scheduled in 10 minute time slots. This gave them the opportunity to have photos in front of at least two building/urban backdrops as well as some using my white background which was set-up nearby undercover.

Here’s a sample of what we captured….

The co-ordinator of the session, Emily, has written the following testimonial:

“It was a wonderful experience to work with Catherine for our staff profile photo shoot. The brief was simple- to capture a series of relaxed, professional photos for each participating staff member- but the logistics behind the shoot could have been much trickier. Instead, Catherine made it easy by coming out to our worksite to shoot and scouting some great locations here in which to capture the shots. She was able to put even the most camera-shy of participants at ease, and each staff member came away with a suite of gorgeous colour and black and white photos after their short time behind the camera. I’d engage her again in a heartbeat, and it’s been a pleasure to recommend to other colleagues both for the quality of her work and for the positive experience that she has provided to our staff members.”       

–   Emily, Division Executive Officer: Division of Health Sciences, The University of South Australia


If you are interested in booking your own group profile session, please email me on   I would love to hear from you about what you are after!

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