Solicitor profiles

I was delighted to be contacted by Jessie MacGillivray from Mac & Co Lawyers to create a collection of profile images that she can use on her website, social media, or other professional needs.

We had a shared vision of wanting to capture her with a professional, yet  approachable look, and varying from happy/friendly  to slightly more serious, so she has a good range of diverse shots to use in the coming years.

We spent our hour together around the Victoria Square area, using largely sandstone backdrops and in particular the Supreme Court given she works there regularly.

Jessie was wonderful to work with as she trusted my suggestions but also expressed ideas and thoughts along the way. It’s wonderful with digital technology to be able to check results along the way too and know that we are achieving what we both want.

Here are some samples from our session and I was thrilled to receive these words from Jessie once she had seen the full collection:  “The photos are just as good as I thought they would be, I am thrilled with them. You’re amazing, I don’t know how you did that but I feel really lucky.”

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