Original t-shirt and pillowcase designs handprinted on my kitchen table!

Available for babies (sizes 00, 0 and 1) right up to big kid sizes to suit up to 9 year olds. Designs and styles may come and go so please contact me to find out what is currently available in your chosen size. T-shirts are $18 each or buy 3 or more @ $15 each. Postage additional. Current designs include Whale, Surfer Boy, Owl, Dragonfly, Gecko, Possum and Bike, although the collection is ever-changing.

Lightweight cotton pillow cases also available with Owls, Dragonflies and Surfer Boy. These are also $18 each or any combination of 3 tops or pillowcases make them $15 each. Again send me an email to check current availability.

Grown up t-shirts and hoodies available through my Redbubble site, click here to view the range.