Capturing your personality

When someone books me for a professional profile session I really encourage them to present themselves how they normally do in life/work and most importantly, to feel comfortable and confident. I really want them to look at their photos after and feel that they represent who they are, and that they look professional and approachable.

Dan and I chose a city street with good light and a range of backdrops for his half hour session, with a change of shirt and jacket to add a bit of diversity. This location is great for having a range of ‘neutral-ish’, urban backgrounds to use within a short distance from each other (literally metres!) so it was super efficient for our timeframe.

Here’s some samples. Dan now has plenty to use for a range of purposes (LinkedIn, conference profiles etc) at an affordable price. I’m so happy I can provide this service because great photos don’t have to be a) too corporate and b) too expensive!


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