For over 6 years I’ve provided photography services to Uniting SA (formerly known as Uniting Care Wesley Port Adelaide), supporting their communications and fundraising initiatives. Subjects range from clients of their aged care, homeless and family support programs, as well as staff, facilities and events.

Being involved in their ‘Hang it Up For Poverty’ campaign during 2015-2016 was one of my career highlights. Working with, and photographing people who had received support from UCWPA’s homelessness services and were now on a more secure and positive pathway, was a privilege. In all my photography work I’m very focused on helping people feel comfortable in front of the camera, and these skills were extremely important during this work. I was thrilled that the organisation wanted to use photographs of ‘real people’ in their marketing campaigns, which seemed to resonate with the public, and furthermore these images were passed on to the clients as it was quite likely that hadn’t had a beautiful photo of themselves for many years.

I get to meet such a range of people during my sessions for UnitingSA and I love to hear the stories that clients share about how grateful they are for assistance they’ve received.

Here are some examples of photographs that have featured in UnitingSA’s magazine ‘Flourish’ as well as their Annual Reports from recent years.

I am extremely grateful to the various staff at UnitingSA who have engaged me to work with the organisation over the years.

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