Gathered in the Gardens

This lovely family has used me more times than I can remember… including 2 out of the 3 adult siblings’ weddings! It’s been such a joy to capture their connections over the years, as well as the relationships between the next generation of cousins.

Our most recent shoot had a few covid cancellations due to interstate travel restrictions so it felt very lucky to gather together in January 2022 in the Adelaide Botanic Gardens. Their accidental dress code of lots of greens and blues looked a treat!

Here are some of the portraits we captured…

The second part of our session involved some ‘kids play’ that eventually involved the adults too! The activities organically moved from hand games, piggy backs and then a human archway that had people travelling through the archway of arms… It made for some lovely candid expressions and laughter!

Can’t wait until our next gathering already! Thanks J & H and family for allowing me to share some of your photos x

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