Gosh – I’ve done a LOT of family sessions over the years since becoming a working photographer over 15 years ago. I feel that the experience can help you develop ideas for how you’d like your family photos to happen, if you don’t have strong ideas yourself.

If you do – then I’d love to hear them when you book!

But if you don’t then I’ve started to see a couple of categories that many of my sessions have fallen into..

1 – “Connected Combinations”

When people simply want their connections captured – they want happy shots together, connected and liking each other! That may be an individual family (this can come in many forms – couples without kids, pets, single-parents etc), extended family or even groups of friends. And often there’s an important list of combinations to photograph, like parent and child, or siblings together or grandparents with grandkids etc etc!

I’ve found that for this style of session it’s best to be in one main location, with good light and backdrop and we work through the list in a joyous, relaxed way. I’m good with a million tricks to keep it going smoothly and efficiently and most important, fun! It could be in one of my favourite parks to suggest, or one closely to you or in the backyard.

My ‘Pre-Christmas Family Photo Session Days’ when I choose some favourite parks and have groups come to me on particular days are often perfect opportunities for these sessions and allow people to get a great set of photos to use as very appreciated gifts. Follow my facebook page to see when the dates are announced.

Some examples of what I would call ‘Connected Combinations’ sessions are below… and note that while people may have been placed in a ‘group’, there’s still natural smiles and genuine connection captured. I always attempt to avoid forced smiles and uncomfortable posing..

2 . “Storytelling”

When you have a ‘story’ you want captured… It might be that your family loves to visit the local creek, or the Grandpa in the family has a treasured vintage car that you could celebrate for his 70th birthday surrounded by his grandkids, or that your father is a woodworker and you want his processes and tools photographed, or your parents are moving from your family home and you want a last session there to capture some memories or someone is about to undergo chemotherapy and needs to be surrounded by hugs, the arrival of a new dog (or human!) … the list is endless!

There are so many stories we could tell through photos and often these ‘story telling’ sessions are less about the combinations to tick off… and more about documenting processes and candid moments. Of course there will often be groups you want pictured, but in also documenting other aspects of the location you might need to consider some additional time, or reducing the wishlist… Let’s talk about what you want and need and what I can do for you!

Some examples of what I would call ‘Storytelling’ Sessions…

It’s possible one of the two ‘categories’ I’ve spoken about above doesn’t quite fit what you’re after with your family photos so be in touch to chat more – and I’d love to help you if I’m able to!

Thanks to all the families above who have allowed me to share their images.


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